Zichen Deng
University of Amsterdam
z.deng at

Welcome to my homepage! I am an assistant professor in economics at the Amsterdam School of Economics of the University of Amsterdam. My research interests include environmental economics, health economics, and development economics. My latest work focuses on the efficiency and consequences of environmental policy.


Informed Enforcement: lessons from pollution monitoring in China
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics forthcoming
with Sebastian Axbard
A Bit of Salt, A Trace of Life: gender norms and the impact of a salt iodization program on human capital formation
Journal of Health Economics, 83, 2022
with Maarten Lindeboom
Early-life Famine Exposure, Hunger Recall and Later-life Health
Journal of Applied Econometrics, 37(4), 2022
with Maarten Lindeboom

Working Papers

Long-Term Consequences of Air Pollution: does age or years of exposure matter?
draft coming soon...
with Aline Bütikofer and Kjell Salvanes
Revealed Preference or Forced to Leave: internal migration responses to pollution information in China
R&R at EJ
with Ling Zhou

In Progress

On the Identification of the Economic Impacts of Climate Change
Ideology and Selection into Authoritarian Organizations
with Sebastian Axbard
Renewable Energy Investment and (In)equal Air Quality Improvement
with Harim Kim